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Certain vitamins and foods that help in hair growth

Are you tired of stunted hair growth? If Yes, then it’s time to look out for vitamins and foods that help in hair growth. With regard to the cultivation of strands of hair, it is known that the protein plays an important role and what this means is that if the food that you eat every day do not contain enough protein, then you will continue to experience stunted growth of the hair. Wonder what foods to eat to remedy this situation? Simply go to a lot of fresh fish, chicken, beans, tofu and lentils. Wait a minute, do you like smoothies? Then you can go for protein shakes with protein powder.

We come now to the area of vitamins, will always mention on vitamin c. If you’re looking for advice on vitamins and foods that help in hair growth and citric fruits like to eat like lemons and oranges, then you are giving your body the vitamin to help your hair grow healthy and shiny. Another good source of vitamin C is green pepper. You can also add Extras just to make sure you take a minimum of 1,000 mg of vitamins a day and up to 3,000.

Will also be mention of B vitamins, including biotin and B-complex. Some good sources of biotin include but not limited to sardines, eggs and Pecans. On the other hand, if you think that these sources are not part of your daily routine of the meal, then you should think about getting Alternatively these B vitamins from supplements. Not only these vitamins help you grow healthy hair, they also help to grow healthy and strong nails. I Remember; always stick to the prescribed dosage of these supplements, if we need to get these vitamins through this medium.

Still on vitamins and foods that help in hair growth, if you are among those who are on a gluten-free diet, there is every chance that your body is crying for iron and you know what this means? The deficiency will lead to visible hair loss from the mineral that helps with the increase of blood circulation in the human scalp, iron, there is. You do not need to deviate from your diet, but you can add raisins, egg yolks, liver, lentils, apricots and plums to get the necessary amount of iron.

Finally, if the preferred form of liquid alcohol intake, you should think again because in addition to the aforementioned vitamins and foods that help in hair growth, water is essential for the proper hydration of the scalp for healthy hair growth, not alcohol. So the more you strive towards taking 8 glasses of clean drinking water on a daily basis, more and better that hair grows with little or no signs of breakage or cracks. So, each time finishing a meal, take a look at that juice or soda, just go for a glass of water, it will make your hair a lot of good. Yes, with these vitamins and foods that help in hair growth, it’s goodbye to full stunted growth of the hair.

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